The WLA Certification+Get-together held on boxing day 26th December 2020 was filled with lots of learning, bonding, fun, and of course merriment. 😋 It also featured our beautiful MyFund branded T-shirts.

A group shot at the get-together

In case you missed the get-together in December but would still like to get the shirt, guess what, you’re in luck!

You can either…

*Get one for yourself by paying N3500 at or pay by transfer to Vcorp Systems Limited | 0821326433 | Access Bank

*Or win a free one by referring 3 friends (you inclusive) to the Wealth Leadership Academy 2021

1. Have them sign up for…

Launched in March 2020 just before the pandemic, the Wealth Leadership Academy has featured amazing sessions, progress reports, and financial testimonies of changed lives. As we round it off with the 27th session on the 31st of October, the certification exam comes up this November (see image).

Learn and Earn at the WLA

I’m quite excited to let you know members of the Wealth Leadership Academy (WLA) can now distribute ALL products/services/opportunities of the platform and earn up to 80% of the profit. Yes, you read that correctly! It’s amazing!

As another encouragement for your saving culture, ValuePlus MyFund will be rewarding the top savers of every month for the rest of the year with…

1. extra 3% dividends for the month,
2. our social media space for a short interview.

  1. Extra dividends: So, when dividends are paid out, you will have an extra 3% for the month you were top when dividends are accrued.
  2. Homepage Feature: Our social media platform will showcase who you are, what you do, how MyFund has helped you and what your vision for savings and investing is.

So, to take that top space, keep…

learn to move up the financial stages at the wealth leadership academy
learn to move up the financial stages at the wealth leadership academy

Hello, Good day!

Which of these describes you?

Stage 1 = Debt?

Stage 2 = No Debt?

Stage 3 = Savings?

Stage 4 = Surplus?

Stage 5 = Cash Assets?

Stage 6 = Investment?

State 7 = Return on Investment?

Stage 8 = Passive Income?

Stage 9 = Financial Freedom?

Learn how to move up the financial ladder, and track your progress at the WEALTH LEADERSHIP ACADEMY. It’s a financial intelligence training and tracking system for the rest of 2020 starting on the 21st of March.

Join me. Register here:

*N500 per Month (for 10 months) — N5000

*Or one-time payment of N4,000


PS: Get the book “9 steps towards financial freedom” for free after registration when you register before March 21st.


What stage are you and what stage is next? 😊

You can now see your rate of savings on your dashboard to see how close you’re getting to your goal

Check of Savings Rate!
Don’t deceive yourself; N5000/month is just N300,000 in 5 years. You’ll have to save an average of N17,000/month to achieve N1million in 5 years. To give you the positive pressure to increase your income and therefore increase your savings, we’ve included your Rate of Savings on your dashboard so that you can see how close you’re getting to your savings goal and how long it will take you to get there.

You can autosave anytime with any amount at any day of the month.

Good news! Do you know you can autosave daily, weekly and monthly on MyFund. You can even choose the day of the week or month you want your autosave to happen.

Many more features and opportunities coming soon to MyFund.
Watch This Space!

You can still join the ongoing #30DaysGrowthChallenge

More money DOES NOT equal more savings but more expenses! What equals more savings is saving any amount consistently (with autosave or otherwise) UNTIL THE HABIT IS FORMED!

So, a few days ago, I shared a post asking people how much they’d need to save monthly to reach just 1 million in 5 years (see image below). The feedback I got can be summarized into two: While a few people said, “Chai! I need to increase my income and then my savings rate”, Most people said, “Money wey no dey, how we go come save?” LOL! :) :D

Yes, there’s sure a need to keep increasing income streams by exchanging value for cash; that will never stop. But more money DOES NOT also equal more savings but more…


The key to investing is that you control the investment [Img Source: 9 Steps to Financial Freedom — chap. 1]

For a while now, the team at ValuePlus has been working on a couple of investments (landed properties to be exact) that belong to the members but managed by the company. Here’s how it works…

While you save, the team (on your behalf) not only works on investments that will give you ROI (according to what you have in your investment accounts) but also show you the process of acquiring the investments at the WLA. All updates of the step-by-step process involved in acquiring and managing assets/investments will be shared (with pictures and videos) at the WLA.


Every once in a while, people ask me, “I have some money, what should I invest in?” The first problem is that these people don’t even have enough money to qualify for investment. Truth is, “the best investments are expensive”. I usually give them two answers…

  1. Consider investing in whatever you did to get the money you are about to invest in the first place.
  2. If something like that doesn’t exist, you should invest in your FINANCIAL EDUCATION. …


A platform for reproducing achievements in others in the quickest, cheapest and most harmonious way possible

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