What Is Your Savings Rate?

2 min readAug 31, 2019


You can now see your rate of savings on your dashboard to see how close you’re getting to your goal

Check of Savings Rate!
Don’t deceive yourself; N5000/month is just N300,000 in 5 years. You’ll have to save an average of N17,000/month to achieve N1million in 5 years. To give you the positive pressure to increase your income and therefore increase your savings, we’ve included your Rate of Savings on your dashboard so that you can see how close you’re getting to your savings goal and how long it will take you to get there.

Source: The 9 stages towards Financial Freedom book (Tolulope Ahmed & Adeolu Akinyemi)

The Best Investments Are Expensive
The number one reason why you need to grow your funds to the millions is because the best investments are expensive. You should not be thinking about investing if you don’t have at least N1m (or if you are not in stage 5 of the 9 stages towards financial freedom). While you may be able to find small investments under this amount, it may eventually become a pain in your bones.

Check your savings rate on your dashboard and let it give you the positive pressure to not only increase your income but also consequently your rate of savings.

To your success!

Tolulope Ahmed
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